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Hello, my name is Ajeng Windi Gaprita. you can call me Ajeng. i am 20 years old. I come from Solo,Central Java, Indonesia. I am an undergraduate student with a subject that I take is  pharmacy

I really love reading,writing and cycling. kind of books that i like is about romantic novels. i usually makes some articles about pharmacy,about "my daily life" or about some phenomena that happens arround me on my blog account. sometimes i make a story too.  i prefer reading than watching movie because by reading the book, I can freely express my imagination. 

I can speak Indonesian, Javanese and English. one of my dreams is to become a great writer. 

I am a responsible person and love the work related to writing and making an article.I hope, we can cooperate well. 

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2016: that is one of article that i make on my blog account



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