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Hello, my name is Dilla Ibtida. I am an experienced content writer, editor, social media strategist, English translator and interpreter.

My last position as Content Writer and English Content Editor in Marketeers Magazine and  www.marketeers.com give me the opportunity to expand my skill in printed and online media platform. I was required to pay attention to English content details in the printed magazine within a tight deadline and rise the traffic of the online platform through writing attractive content on daily basis.  My coverage includes economy, business, marketing, politics, art and culture, travel, tourism, and hospitality, events, fashion, and lifestyle. Those experiences give me the ability in writing and editing both in Bahasa Indonesia and in English, as well as performing effectively under pressure. 

My experience as Marketeers Club Manager in MarkPlus,Inc has given me the opportunity to create, maintain, and engage in relationship with more than 100 of Marketeers Club members in Jakarta. I was also required to create the substance, coordinate and conduct the monthly program of MarkPlus Center for Economy and Business for the members. From those experiences, I learned how to represent my previous company and maintain good communication with all the members through many platforms. 

The nature of my degree in International Relations Department Universitas Padjadjaran has prepared me to get involved in many international events as a participant and liaison officer or interpreter. I have excellent command in English, both verbal and written. My experience as a scholarship awardee for student exchange program in Ajou University, South Korea, also strengthen my Korean Language proficiency. 

I am looking forward to contribute in your project. 

Thank you.

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Tulisan terdiri dari bagian Pesona Indonesia yang membahas dunia pariwisata, perjalanan, dan hospitaliti dalam bahasa Indonesia, serta Wonderful Indonesia yang membahas ketiga hal tersebut dalam bahasa Inggris.

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Link disertakan di dalam tulisan.

2016: Berikut contoh hasil terjemahan yang saya buat untuk proyek buku manual permainan anak-anak.

2016: Berikut ini adalah hasil terjemahan saya untuk manual permainan anak-anak.



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