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Thank you very much for visiting my profile.

By now, I am working full-time at a wonderful company. Thus, I am not available for side project anymore.

Thank you,
Eko Hermiyanto

English Linux Programming Bash/Shell Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access SQL Server Data Analysis Data Mining Data Integration

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2004: "Simulasi sistem komunikasi bandara udara militer" which I wrote in Java programming language.

2007: I was the system and network administrator of Hotel Mulia Senayan.

2008: I was giving speech!

2009: I was the network architect of the Yahoo! South East Asia Open Hack Day 2009.

Yahoo! produced promotional video which can be watched at the link below.

2014: agorabedding is an online used-book shop. I found it at 2014 and it is still highly profitable.

2015: A blog on bedding and home decor industry. I wrote the articles myself, all of them.

2016: On the nature of investment and speculation

2016: On the nature of boom and bust

2016: Success keys of Berkshire Hathaway

2016: The investors and his advisers

2016: Investing in investment fund

2016: On the nature of safety and risk

2016: On the nature of financial institutions

2017: These are the articles I wrote about Microsoft Excel.

2017: I am using Microsoft Project to manage my entire projects.

2017: I am using GNU Emacs for day to day editing and numerous other activities (yes, including invoking a shell). I have been using GNU Emacs from 2004.

2017: I love bing images, but, I do use GNU/Linux for day to day computing (also Windows on top of VirtualBox too).

Thus, I am using a python code which I got from the Internet and then I do change it to suit my requirements.

The code will download bing images with certain specification.

Python code inside GNU Emacs!

2017: I am currently volunteering at PKBM Karya Sabil Cengkareng. I teach English, mathematics and computer.



Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

cepat sekali dan sngat menguasaiiiii

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (9/10)

Kualiatas artikel dan komunikasi bagus, namun mas eko terlalu idealis, sehingga keinginan saya tidak sepenuhnya dijalankan.

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

thank you bantuannya, rekomen pokoknya

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