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Thank you very much for visiting my profile.

Currently, I am an IT Dept Head of an Indonesian Startup. I am available to be hired for website and Excel related projects.

Thank you,
Eko Hermiyanto

Programming Web Programming Wordpress Web Design Website Building Website Templates Wordpress Templates Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access SQL Server

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2004: "Simulasi sistem komunikasi bandara udara militer" which I wrote in Java programming language.

2007: I was the system and network administrator of Hotel Mulia Senayan.

2008: I was giving speech!

2009: I was the network architect of the Yahoo! South East Asia Open Hack Day 2009.

Yahoo! produced promotional video which can be watched at the link below.

2014: agorabedding is an online used-book shop. I found it at 2014 and it is still highly profitable.

2015: A blog on bedding and home decor industry. I wrote the articles myself, all of them.

2016: On the nature of investment and speculation

2016: On the nature of boom and bust

2016: Success keys of Berkshire Hathaway

2016: The investors and his advisers

2016: Investing in investment fund

2016: On the nature of safety and risk

2016: On the nature of financial institutions

2017: These are the articles I wrote about Microsoft Excel.

2017: I am using Microsoft Project to manage my entire projects.

2017: I am using GNU Emacs for day to day editing and numerous other activities (yes, including invoking a shell). I have been using GNU Emacs from 2004.

2017: I love bing images, but, I do use GNU/Linux for day to day computing (also Windows on top of VirtualBox too).

Thus, I am using a python code which I got from the Internet and then I do change it to suit my requirements.

The code will download bing images with certain specification.

Python code inside GNU Emacs!

2017: Talent-Hub

2017: I am currently volunteering at PKBM Karya Sabil Cengkareng. I teach English, mathematics and computer.



Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

cepat sekali dan sngat menguasaiiiii

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (9/10)

Kualiatas artikel dan komunikasi bagus, namun mas eko terlalu idealis, sehingga keinginan saya tidak sepenuhnya dijalankan.

Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

thank you bantuannya, rekomen pokoknya

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