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I'm a digital artist, Graphic design, and visual development which is in my definition visdev is (visual development) to solve a problem of usage in any media for conveying interpret of communication symbolic and assets in order to applicable create the tone and manner every piece of works.

I was still studying in University of multimedia Nusantara, in this year 
I'm taking time off in my lectures and had the opportunity to work here are dedicated to doing any project.

To delegate my skill what kind of related of my skill is :

all matters relating to promotional media, visual information made by effectiveness, and standardized visual language approach to the viewer.

additional skill my impact to professional work : 
- Mixed media such as analog to digital ✔
- Database of ideas ✔
- prioritize briefs before executing, to unleashed satisfaction for Clients✔
looking more preview to my recents project in portfolio.
Have a good day !.

Illustration Adobe PhotoShop Adobe Illustrator Cinema 4D Adobe After Effects

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2013: diversity is uniqueness.

2013: Curriculum Vitae Design.

2013: Promotional media products.

2013: CV Design.

2013: Logo design.

2013: Logo design

2014: Card poster, participant for meet and greet.

2014: Logo design for celebrating of birth

2014: Album for teens comic

2014: Personal project, ID Card

2014: Illustration of diagrams for articles in there.

2014: web design in visual key

2014: Stand banner in that university

2014: Proj personal, in another way.

2014: Proj personal, visdev.

2014: Proj, for cover in horror story

2014: Concept Product design.

2015: asset gambar untuk halaman utama
pada game yang di buat untuk tampilan menu.

2015: asset gambar untuk tampilan splash screen
pada permainan.

2015: pasca template flyer DJ.

2015: Illustration untuk kebutuhan poster di panggung band beraliran dark.

2015: komunitas yang didirikan oleh mahasiswa seni yang memiliki ekosistem gaya hidup begadang, gambar ini menginterpretasikan kedalam wujud visual tersebut.

2015: Poster komunitas

2015: Card poster for community graffiti art.

2015: cover album for fantasy art.

2015: Re-design community graffity arts.

2015: Artistic growth, poster project personal.

2015: Proj. personal embedded some artistic growth

2015: Brand packaing, Proj personal

2015: Brand packaging, For proj personal.


2015: Cover about how get the best ideas.

2015: Proj personal.

2015: Proj personal, logos.

2016: Proj personal, poster

2017: kebutuhan design kaos

2017: Infografis, pengabdian hewan harimau yang ber isu ekologis penebengan hutan.

2017: Infografis, stop narkoba.

2018: Template logo.

2018: poster of taichi, for institutute martial arts.




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