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Nama saya adalah Yusuf Maulana Efendi. Saya adalah seorang teknisi pesawat pada salah satu MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) di Indonesia. Saya memiliki keahlian dalam desain grafis terutama illustration, manipulation dan video editing. Kemampuan dominan saya adalah penggunaan software Photoshop dan Premiere. Meskipun bekerja sebagai teknisi pesawat, kegiatan desain grafis tetap saya lakukan terutama pada waktu-waktu kosong, apalagi desain merupakan hobi yang telah saya jalani bertahun-tahun.

Saya akan bekerja sepenuh hati dan senantiasa memberikan yang terbaik bagi para costumer. Majulah Desain Grafis Indonesia!!!

Facebook: Yusuf Maulana Efendi            

Instagram: @_yusufme

Design Arts Graphic Design Illustration Logo Design Adobe PhotoShop Video Editing

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Display Name: Yusuf Maulana Efendi
User Name: fendy32
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2019: Cover of safety book for learning with elegant design and sweet color.

2019: Manipulation photoshop design. A bottle with full of joy around the world in the middle of sky.

2019: Beautiful double exposure effect of manipulation photoshop with dominant blue and white sweet color.

2019: [BANNER] Elegant banner with black background and swirl pattern. Simple text in the middle that shows the main event.

2019: Elegant and exclusive cover design of drinks product with logo in the middle and composition or ingredients on the side.

2019: A kneel man on the top of cliff with free style art black wing.

2019: Elegant and cute book cover with cool folding paper effect. The book called Diafora.

2019: The poster of the two side of Indonesian beauty, charm, technology, nature and excitement.

2019: Simple typography with several kind of font and and slash glitch effect on some points.

2019: Free style of abstract art with only default brushes on the photoshop with reddish dominant color.

2019: A man stands while the eyes covered by cool abstract style around the body. Some accents or detail are added.

2019: A manipulation design of a girl that stand beside the rare giant turtle on the savanna. The polices came to catch the turtle.

2019: An unique manipulation design that shows bent sea with dominant bright blue color.

2019: Amazing street effect typography with old cracked font and some straight & swirl accents.

2019: Manipulation design that shows the beautiful yellow color covered by bright environment, little man, and little aircraft or zappelin.

2019: Excellent or professional drinks logo with different style but in a same main icon and dominant color.

2019: X-Banner Design about handmade aircraft in a Flying Robot Contest in Indonesia.

2019: Second X-Banner Alternative Design about Flying Robot Contest in Indonesia with Blue and Black dominant color.

2019: X-Banner about gathering event with kitchen style background.

2019: Elegant and simple school banner with blue dominant background.

2019: An election banner in a college of Indonesian university. Purple dominant background and elegant style.

2019: An Indonesian Islamic tradition banner with green dominant color and bamboo style background.

2019: Event banner of children event in a recreation place with full color design too express delight.

2019: Poster design for Instagram with ratio 1:1 that shows Islamic "Qurban" event.

2019: A poster for Instagram post with 1:1 ratio that shows the university's event. Purple dominant color but with semi dramatic background effect.

2019: A simple pencil effect artwork that shows how the aircraft is flying and part of aircraft.

2019: Manipulation design of artwork that shows the miracle of book.

2019: Some of Zegen design logos. Simple and elegant. Color doesn't show yet.

2019: Some of "Annisa" logos. Match for clothes, hijab, and boutique logo.

2019: Some logos about college student community or organization.

2019: Manipulation design, comparison of classic music and modern music. Men's create music with high effort or a man create music with single easy software or tablet.

2019: A tea cup with full of joy of village atmosphere.

2019: A great building with unexpected ship coming to the center of the building.

2019: A muslim girl with watercolor brush effect and sweet color with white vintage background.




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