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Hello :)

I am a competent Mobile & API Programmer with enough experiences as a freelancer or employee. My experience covers all areas of Mobile Programming included iOS Swift & Android Native Java or Kotlin, also create an API using Go Language. I'm also a Website Programmer, I can build a website using PHP with Laravel or Code Igniter Framework. But, currently I focus more on creating & managing Server Architecture on AWS. My Career Objective is to take challenges and of course to implement the expertise and experience gained to develop complex project with efficiency without ignoring the quality of the projects or the products itself.

What are My Skills that I dare to become a Worker here?

  • Website Programming.
        Until this moment, there have been many websites that I worked on as a freelancer. But not on this website but by word of mouth, and most work on the final project for student thesis. Website Programming skills I have include Wordpress, PHP, or Go Language.
  • Mobile Programming.
        I'm more capable at this skill than website programming, why? Because, my experience on Mobile Programming is more than Website Programming. Most of My Portfolio using Native Kotlin which is Android Application. And for the iOS Application, I'm using Swift 4 or Swift 5.

  • Database & Microsoft Office Data Entry.
        For this it's simple, I can type with 10 fingers, have a personal laptop that won't work besides me (this laptop is like my second girlfriend haha) has fast personal internet access to do this, and is also useful in data entry Database or Microsoft Office :)

Thanks in advance for coming to my profile, if you are interested in hiring me, please click on the "Hire Me" or "Invite To Bid" button if you want to invite me to participate in your project :)

Note: Only do 1 Project at a time;

MySQL PostgreSQL Android iPhone/iOS PHP HTML ReactJS API Gateway Golang React Native

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On time, Expert, Trustworthy!

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Mantap lah mas satu ini. Outstanding experience. Will hire again

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will hire again, cepet ngerjain script saya. 

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kerjaan sesuai dengan yang saya inginkan, good. respon cepat

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hasil sesuai dengan yang diharapkan. kerjaan tepat waktu

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Terima kasih bagus.

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terima kasih mas, project sesuai dengan yg saya inginkan, mantab thanks ya mas, smg bs kerja sama lagi

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