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Date Registered: 18/03/2016 00:44:42 WIB
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2016: My Portfolio
I've worked on some project work in several private companies and government agencies.
My current project today devoted to the electronic hardware. PCB design and create single / double / multi-layer in Protel 99 SE, Eagle and DXP.
The following project work that I have done :
 Project Analyzer Contour Shadow Force headquarters
 Interface radar data with Modem transparent mode (LCD Atrie 288)
 The hardware design power SCAN, radar data, link SCAN system
 Shutdown control system
 Project Management System Fault Force headquarters
 Splitter radar data interface
 Bus Analyzer radar data
 FSM power hardware design, cabin management system radar sensor
 Project Telkomsel remote monitoring system
 CDC monitoring system at BTS
 Photo-voltaic monitoring system
 Modem G.shdsl (Configuration & Upgrade)
 G.shdsl modem Tester (BERT E1, Line Simulator, DSLAM)
 Smart Box (IPTV + Modem ADSL), Smart Phone (DMP + Modem ADSL)
 Monitoring Trasformator PLN viscosity based on GSM
 R & D device maintenance modules
 Design enhancements to examine the characteristics of the thread with a microcontroller,
the winding machine type 21C and MVS 861
 Hardware Design and create a GSM modem and facsimile telecommunication BTS alarm
 Devices supporting the creation and Modem Termination Node Controller (TNC) for SSB radio


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