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Display Name: CaecelliaCika
User Name: CaecelliaCika
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Date Registered: 19/08/2016 21:59:44 WIB
Provinsi: Jawa Barat
Kabupaten: Kab. Bandung
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2013: Pelican swimming on the lake

2013: Father little brown car

2013: A butterfly on the leaf

2013: Tiger swimming on the lake

2013: Red Plant Can anyone tell me what the name of these plant?

2013: Root in the forrest

2013: Moss on Tree feel like I can touch them

2015: This place is in Indonesia, Jawa Barat The crater and the land is white but we can only 10 minutes stayed in this place cause the air is stertorous.

2015: These are trees and view in around 'White Crater'.

2015: LOGO Cafe and Resto like noodles or fried rice etc

2015: This project will be pig restaurant. I really appreciated this project done! Big thanks to my clients... :)


2015: These logos are 2012 till 2015, they are the best that I did and will be better for the next. Wait and see I will make the better than before ! :)

2015: Still Crab

2015: event that isn't real but make their expression feel real if that is event like this

2015: Konidin make your day safe with all destruction and you can turn around with reviewer mirror in left and right

2015: Inspired from popular game that is "Crossy Road Game", this is campaign from my college work, it take six months for making this. In English it say "Do Cross Safely in The Crosswalk And Pedestrian Bridge", this campaign is for college student who don't care about crossing road.

2016: PROPAGANDA WAJIB BELAJAR 12 TAHUN. UU SISTEM PERADILAN PIDANA ANAK NO 11 TAHUN 2012. the threat of jail for those who drop out of school.




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