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Dear Owner,

Greetings of the day. May you always be in the smooth running of all the work and always have happiness in the family. We are one of those team who love to work with energetic and optimistic.

Your question : “Why do you want to work with (not for) us ?”

We are delighted with this valuable opportunity and brilliant idea because it has value in helping others with sincerity and based on the empathy.  

We really enjoyed the challenge of your job, how grateful We are if it can making an impact in this world through my work and contributions, it is already embedded in the soul and our mind.

We are always able to share knowledge to improve existing ones.

** do not hesitate to contact us **

Your question : “How do you think your skills and experience can help us ?

All of our person in team have educational background in information technology and has experience working in some companies, this is a good consideration to join your team.

The key qualifications are strong understanding of technology developments. Our technology comptence : web development, desktop language programming , networking technology eg. LAN, WAN, Wireless Network.

This is our philosophy to serve you:
“Customers are like kings”, and therefore it is important to appreciate the emotional condition of the customers that we are required to provide good service without hurting their rights at all.

And this is a basic principle for achieving great customer satisfaction. 

This is the reason why we must join your great team. 
Why should it be delayed again ? 
What else should wait ? 
This time make the team become more powerful, we grow together.

** do not hesitate to contact us **

If you want more information about our background and qualifications, please let us know.
Thank you for the trust and opportunities.

Best Regards,
DiO Abimanyu

NB :   
We are not saying that We are the best, they have spoken. You next.

Technical Support Linux Database Programming Android iPhone/iOS Web Programming Web Design Website Building Electronic Circuit Design Entity Framework

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2015: Upgrade Sistem Informasi Manajemen Koperasi Bank Indonesia (KOPEBI) Surabaya :
1. Master Data (Data Item Barang, Supplier, Pelanggan , Kartu Stok barang , setting kode barcode)
2. Pembelian (PO, daftar + input pembelian, daftar hutang, retur)
3. Penjualan (pembayaran lunas / kredit, penjualan kasir, pembayaran piutang)
4. Konsinyasi
5. Persediaan (daftar item masuk dan keluar, stok opname, daftar mutasi item)
6. Akuntansi (daftar rekening perkiraan, laporan buku besar, neraca, laba rugi)

2016: Motret Apik Photography - Bandung

2016: PT. ASPROS Binareka - Bandung

2016: PT. Unikemika Asia - Bogor

2017: CandleLight Education Indonesia



Project Ending: Arbitrated         Rating:      (2/10)

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Project Ending: Completed         Rating:      (10/10)

Good work!

Good attitude & very supportive.

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