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Please introduced my self. My name is Dani Arif, 33 years old. I'm married (M0).

I hold a bachelor degree from IISIP, in Journalistic Major. My first working experience as Journalist in Pos Kota for about a year. After that I continue my journey in the television. 

My career in tevision began at Metro TV. I was hired as a Production Assistant. I have learned about broadcasting from the zero level. Start from developing a plan and did the preparation all the equipments  for a TV program (pre-production), did the shooting together with all the team like cameraman, creative, etc (production), and finally did the editing process (post-production). I did all of those tasks and gained alot of experiences for 3 years until I got offered from Fremantle as a Video Editor Specialist.

In Fremantle, I learned about video editor deeper since my position was focused only to post-production. I did the editing process for presticious TV program like Indonesia Idol, Super Deal, X-Factor, and the last but not least, Indonesian favourites' TV program, Family 100 which I've trusted to do the editing process for more than 500 episodes. I was enjoy working as a Video Editor in Fremantle until I thought that I need to expand my career and practice to work in a team again. After almost 4 years working in Fremantle, then I decided to move on to MNC Channels. 

I began my career in MNC as an Associate Producer. The tasks most likely the same like when I was working in Metro TV, but the different thing was I lead for 13 people subordinates. There, I learned to develop my leadership skill. My position was report to Producer. Shortly, after a year of working periods, I got promotion to be a Producer. During my time in there (more than 3 years) I produced more than 20 programs.  Then, I moved back to Metro TV.

I back to Metro TV as a Producer. I Iead 5 people. This is the place where I sharpening my leadership skill. 

Eventough I love to work in Metro TV, unfortunately the position in only require for contractual basis. I need to look for another place to continue my career.  

I love working in TV. I love  doing all the things needed to produce the high-qualified program. I do enjoy in doing all aspect of being a producer not only in pre-production but also production and post-production as well. Working in such of those aspect for creating a program which will be able to provide adding values to all the people who watch it has already become my passion and my true life-purpose. 

Thank you very much.

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Saya bergelut di Industri televisi lebih dari 10 tahun, saya bisa membantu anda dalam menghasilkan karya yang diinginkan. Saya siap dalam pembuatan video: Dokumentasi Acara korporasi Opening Bumper video Iklan Digital Platform (Youtube, FB, dll) Campaign Program TV Saya mengerjakan editing menggunakan software Final Cut Pro x, Adobe Premiere CC, After Effect, Photoshop, Ilustrator. Berikut Paket editing saya: Basic Edit (Max 1 Menit)  1x Revisi Rp. 100000 Premium Edit (Max 6 Menit) 2x Revisi 250000 Istimewa (Max 10 Menit) 3x Revisi 500000 Wedding Edit (Max 15 Menit) + Highlight 2 Menit 4x Revisi 750000 Full Service (Max 20 Menit) 4x Revisi 1500000 Saya akan berusaha memberikan hasil sesuai dengan ekspektasi anda...

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2017: Program TV

2018: Telkomsel Games

2018: Iklan Digital Telkomsel


2020: Campaign Indra Rukman Ketua Hipmi Jaya 1

2020: Video Eksplaner




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